Atheism is a philosophical rather theological position wherein a person is completely against the belief of Theism i.e. the existence of God. Whereas agnostic is a doubt. It is a doubt on the existence as well as non-existence of GOD or any divine object. In one word the theory of Agnostic Atheism states that whatever the situation is either the existence of God is in question or even if there is any deity it is either unknowable for human or is scientifically unproven.

Something about the Agnostic Atheist
For an Agnostic atheist the topic of God is not of much concern yet more than what we can define as apathy. Primarily because it is an apatheist’s belief that talking about or related to deity is futile but not of a person who stands on the ground of agnostic atheism. What makes the logic complete is simply the concern that anything which we claim should be substantial enough to be proved by science. There must be logic as well as a good explanation behind it.

The Mid Wall
Agnostic atheism is also considered as the mid wall between theist and atheist. It is a state where neither we nor science can say Yes or No to any question related to a deity or divinity. At this point what matters is the reality. Agnosticism takes the matter of deity to the further level of science and intellect, where a person needs to be in his or her right state of mind and should respond to this matter with radical explanations.

An atheist will always say that he believes that there is no god, where an agnostic atheist will say that he is not sure whether there is any trail of the existence of god.

Why Agnosticism with Atheism
Now you may ask “why agnostic atheism is not concerned about the existence of god, when atheism is joined with agnosticism?”

The answer to this question is something that we all must have learned in our school days and that is adjective pull to the noun. In this case it is an atheism which is agnostic in nature. We could say that reasoning and science developed this philosophical state wherein the atheist starts discarding the topic related to god and divinity.

This is the main difference between the two terms and when they both are together they create a new state which is agnostic atheism. This definition and its use have nothing do to with any religion as it is purely a psychological and philosophical state of mind.

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