Know What Is Apatheism The Way You Would Learn In Schools
Apatheism is a word that refers to the people’s apathy towards any topic related to God and supernatural powers. An apatheist avoids talking on topics related to God or any deity. He even prefers to stay away from religious talks and beliefs. Apatheist thinks that the existence of god doesn’t affect our lives and so he simply doesn’t care about it. In theology it is referred as Apathetic agnosticism. The term talks about this thought process and indicates that it is the skepticism within human and also his desire for believing that he is the supreme of all living creatures and that his existence has nothing to do with any supernatural being or substance.

Is This A 21st Century Phenomena?
Many people think that the modern and scientific world brought apatheism in human beings, but that is certainly not true. In fact the term has its base in the 17th century and at that time people who were apatheist were neglected and cursed by the society. It is only in the 21st century that it has got a positive response and approach attached to it. Talking about its history the journalist Jonathan Rauch had a significant contribution in uplifting the term to its positive meaning. Today we see it as an achievement and discipline that needs to be mastered in order to master our belief and understanding of self.

What Is Apatheism? And Why Is It Important Today?
In today’s world Apatheism is an excuse and an opportunity that allows one to change or leave a religion. Today, we need solace and we are also free from old judgmental beliefs based on our religion and faith. An apatheist is more interested in talking about things that he or anyone can see and measure. He may be more interested in talking about what happens when a potato stales than what happens when we humans die.

He considers this life as everything and doesn’t believe in anything beyond life or something like incarnation. Apatheism is a weird term that neither accepts nor denies the existence of God, it simply rejects the topic related to religion and god saying it is futile to talk about things that don’t change your life. In today’s world there are many apatheist who believe in one god and they are known as apatheist with a belief in theism or who is also a theist.

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